Expense Permissions

User Can submit an Expense Can add a bulk number of Expenses to a Report Can view previously submitted [...]

Expense Report Statuses

Active - The Expense has been created but not yet added to an Expense Report Draft - The Expense Report [...]

Filtering Options

Expense Type - Category of expense (Air Fare, Accommodation, Meals, Mileage, Transit/Parking) Date - Date when the expense was incurred Amount [...]


Create a Policy

Create a Policy To create a leave policy, the user must have permission to do so. An easy way [...]

Deleting Policies

Deleting Policies A policy cannot be deleted if it is attached to a blackout period. To delete the policy, [...]

Editing a Policy

Editing a Policy To Edit a Policy: Start from the EXP Homepage and select 'Leave' From the Leave [...]

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