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Streamline People Operations In Microsoft Teams

Streamline People Operations

In Microsoft Teams

AI-powered and Teams integrated apps that tackle repetitive admin tasks so you can focus on what really matters — your people.

AI-Powered Apps for a Modern Workplace

Roughly 50% of HR’s time is dedicated to completing paper processes like leave management. It’s time to consider other solutions.

Built For SMB Owners by SMB Owners

So, what’s the best software to manage a small or medium-sized business? As SMB owners, we know it’s one that seamlessly integrates into your existing platforms and is easy to use.

That’s why we set out to create Microsoft Teams integrated apps that handle time-consuming admin tasks. No more frustrations and no more headaches when it comes to expense reports or vacation requests. Manage everything in a platform that you already use every day.

Our Apps

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Streamline People Operations

Your ally in structuring, managing, and centralizing Human Resources and people operations activities in an easy-to-master unified tool.

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Automated time off approval

Approve and request leave in one simple interface without toggling from spreadsheet to email.

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Streamlined reimbursement

Manage and monitor expenses with a few clicks. From a snap of a receipt, employees can upload their expenses for managers to approve or deny reimbursement.

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AI-Powered Responses

AI model trained to answer your employee’s FAQ. Soon to integrate EXP-wide data to answer specific inquiries about leave, expenses, and your people.

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Centralized people view

Access work-related and personal information for each employee in one place.

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