Empower employees to live and grow with your organization with an all-in-one human resource, people operations, and employee experience platform built for Microsoft Teams.

We strongly believe that your people are your most valuable asset. Too often, organizations prioritize growth and capital at the expense of people and culture, resulting in costly turnover. We’ve made it our mission to support small to medium organizations in recruiting, managing, and supporting their people.

HR Software that meets you where you work, at any stage of your journey

Whether you’re managing expenses or creating a safer work environment in-office, our customizable platform allows you to build an HR system for your team today that can mature with your organization. Choose an HR management tool that can grow with your business, delivered in a single-pane-of-glass platform that lives in Microsoft Teams.

Customizable to fit any organization

Whether your organization is 10 or 1000+ employees strong, EmployeeXP can help any organization with our smart pricing and customizable apps.

Improve your employee’s experience

All our EmployeeXP apps are designed to foster a better employee experience for your team from the moment they onboard throughout their employment journey. We’re committed to automation but equally obsessed with humanizing the digital.

The apps you need anytime, anywhere

EmployeeXP’s mobile apps allow you to stay connected anywhere. In a world where many organizations are transitioning to hybrid work, our applications empower your entire team, including your essential frontline workers.

Simple intuitive experience

Our intuitive, friendly, and familiar design mimics the experience your team is already encountering in their daily interactions across the Microsoft suite like Microsoft Teams.

EmployeeXP was born out of our first-hand experiences as business owners seeking HR technology that simply isn’t accessible to small businesses. We advocate for the democratization of human resources. We’re committed to empowering small businesses to thrive with easy-to-use tools and without all the HR jargon. You can rely on EXP to deliver the Human Resource expertise you need to run your organization. Leverage our resources, templates, tutorials, and articles produced by certified experts and other small business owners like yourself.

  • Start-up & SMB friendly: Everyone can own HR at an affordable price​, in a flexible, customizable way.
  • Alleviate the role of a system integrator: simple integration with quick product onboarding without the need for IT​ support.
  • Prevent employee fatigue with a proper HR tool early in your business’s journey​.

  • Take the basics of Human Resources to new heights.
  • Foster and improve the employee engagement, in a physical, hybrid or remote environment.



Unlock the power of integration. 

With EXP, employees and leaders enhance and manage their culture and employee experience right inside Microsoft Teams. With EXP’s inherent Microsoft 365 connection, you can pull and send data to and from Microsoft Viva, the Power Platform, and other Microsoft 365 apps. This interconnectivity improves productivity, minimizes task-switching, and streamlines the data you collect about your staff directly in their Microsoft 365 profile. 

Engage and automate.

Our apps further engage employees using Microsoft services your team’s familiar with, allowing you to surface notifications, analytics, and adaptive cards right in their flow of work. Nearly anyone can automate requests with the Power Platform’s low/code/no-code power.

Cut costs and mend divisions.

EXP is built for the employee’s journey, bringing transparency to traditionally siloed departments and communications. Ditch costly, disconnected third-party tools and operate all in one place. EXP empowers you to manage expense reports, hiring, time off, and performance management where you’re already having conversations and storing your files—Microsoft Teams. ​

  • Built on Microsoft 365, Viva, Microsoft Teams​, and Azure
  • Powered by artificial intelligencemachine learning, and the power of the Microsoft cloud
  • Optimized for employee productivitycollaboration, and engagement in a hybrid world

Frequently Asked Questions

The main features of EXP are its three main modules: Profile, Leave, and Expense. Profile- the central EXP app- stores employees’ information and documents. Leave, the time and attendance app, approves and manages Paid Time Off (PTO) requests. Expense, the expense management app, verifies Expense Report submissions. 

An HRIS is worth the investment. Its main benefit is automating time-consuming tasks like tracking PTO and collecting relevant employee information. An HRIS also unifies all HR processes into one platform, which avoids having different providers for every HR need. Lastly, hybrid and remote work requires a comprehensive digital tool and minimal paperwork to run smoothly.  

Since the Employee Experience Platform integrates with Microsoft Teams, you will need to purchase EXP through the Microsoft Teams Store. You’ll need to install the application in your Teams, and then you’ll be able to access your new HRIS directly through Teams. Get started in the Teams Store here:

For more information on EXP or to see it in action, fill out the “Request a Demo” at the top right of this page.

You can start your account for free – provided you have 1 or 2 users only – or purchase an EXP license in the Microsoft Teams Store.  

Tier 1

$10per user per month
  • Save 20% on annual subscription
  • Free trial
  • First month free
  • Team of 1 to 100 members

Tier 2

$5per user per month
  • Save 20% on annual subscription
  • Free trial
  • First month free
  • 101-1000 team members

Tier 3

$250per user per month
  • Save 20% on annual subscription
  • Free trial
  • First month free
  • 1001+ team members

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