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Expense management done right

A Teams-integrated app with automated workflows for an easy and transparent reimbursement process. What more can you ask for?

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Created To Make Your Life Easier

No more back-and-forth emails, lost receipts and time wasted on tedious expense tasks. Streamline your expense process with real-time receipt uploads and automated workflows so manual data entry and human errors become a thing of the past. Manage everything within Microsoft Teams — no additional login required.

Expense Features

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AI-Powered Receipt Uploads

Stop digging through your pockets for those crumpled receipts. From the Teams app, snap a picture of your receipt right as you get it, and all the details will be uploaded for you.

Customized Expense Reports

Choose which expenses to submit in your report and track its status for clear visibility.

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Streamlined Approval Process

Automated workflows will send the report to the right person for approval. It’s that efficient.

The Process Plan

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