Assign a policy

Depending on the policy, Managers and Admins can configure an individual policy for a user or the entire organization.

To assign a policy to an individual user:

  • Click ‘Employees’ in the hamburger menu
  • Click the user’s name that you want to assign the policy to
    • This will take you directly into the user’s account
  • Click ‘Assign’ on the top table
    • A side panel will open with a full list of policies that are available to assign to the user
    • Keep in mind that policies the user already has will not appear on this list
  • The page will refresh, and the policy will appear on their table of balances


To assign a policy to the organization:

  • Click on ‘Configurations’ in the hamburger menu
  • Under ‘Time off types,’ click the checkbox to the left of a policy
  • Click the ‘Assign to Organization’ button on the top right-hand side of the table
  • Once the page refreshes, the policy will appear for all users on their table of balances