Editing a Policy

Editing a Policy

To Edit a Policy:

  • Start from the EXP Homepage and select ‘Leave’
  • From the Leave App Dashboard, locate and select the ‘Hamburger‘ menu in the top right corner and select ‘Configurations
  • Under ‘Time Off Types‘ click the checkbox to the left of the policy you want to edit
  • Select ‘Edit‘ to adjust the policy

The policy window will appear, allowing for the policy to be edited. The following areas of information can be changed.

  • Basic Info (Name, Description, Scope, Additional Settings and Expiration Date)
  • Balance (Activate/Deactivate Balance, Limited/Unlimited, Total Hours, Accrual)
  • Carryover (Activate/Deactivate Carryover)
  • In Lieu (Activate/Deactivate in Lieu)

Once all changes are complete, click ‘Confirm

Confirming changes provides a prompt to the administrator to explain that any changes made to the policy may affect any current employee and/or time off request tied to this policy.

  • Click ‘I Understand’ to move forward
  • If you do not want to enable the changes, click cancel and undo the edits made
  • After clicking ‘I Understand’ this will return you to the ‘Edit Time Off Type’ window again
    • Clicking ‘Save’ will update the policy with the changed information
    • Clicking ‘Cancel’ to go back and undo edits